Complimentary Spa Zone 2016



The Women's Health & Fitness Expo is coordinating complimentary massage therapy and spa services for visitors. Participating schools, spas and fitness centers will present massage therapists and other professionals to provide Reflexology, Reiki, and Massage Therapy that aids stress reduction. Participating providers include:


Arthur Todd
Massage Therapy

Arthur Todd provides therapeutic massage services to clients in need of relief. The method, touch and pressure used is determined by the client's needs. For more information, go to



Reiki and Hands-on healing

HealthAlliance offers reiki and hands-on healing by trained nurses for stress reduction, comfort and relaxation. This treatment, which can assist in the healing process, calms the mind and can create a sense of well-being. HealthAlliance understands the best of Western medicine, coupled with complementary healing arts, and can add to a patient’s recovery. Music and arts videos donated by gifted Ulster County artists are also available for your relaxation and sleep.



Kathy Peterson
Beauty and Skin Care

Kathy Peterson has been in the beauty and skin care business for over 15 years. She is a NY state licensed esthetician and a Registered medical assistant. Kathy is a Beauty Specialist with Sally Beauty and she practices esthetics doing eye lash extensions, hydrafacials and peels.